Fair Trade Market

Fair Trade/ Equal Exchange started with an idea:  What if food could be traded in a way that was honest and fair?  In 1986 a few men started with fairly traded coffee in Nicaragua.  It soon spread to other tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. plantations in third world countries.  Today, “farmer owners” are organized as democratic worker cooperatives.  Some of the profits from these cooperatives are returned to the communities to be used for education of their children, building schools, teaching farmers about the land and how to improve their productivity.  The owner- workers grow and harvest the different food products, receive a fair wage, and are able to provide for their families and educate their children.  Christ & Trinity has many “Fair Trade” items for sale following the Sunday services.  Once a month the items are displayed as we exit the service, but items are available any Sunday.   Choices include coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate bars, among other things.